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The cradle ceremony is called Punya dhanam here in the south. It is mainly performed on the 21th day after childbirth.
It is a day when we perform a small Pooja to purify the house. It is only after this day that the mother and baby can leave the house. The next day, after the ceremony, we went to a temple near our house for darshan. We called a purohit house and performed this pooja.
As it was a function at home, we invited a few parents. We decorate the cradle for baby.we are here to arrange all the requirements for the party like cradle,decoration,entertainment shows in .Another tradition is to decorate the cradle with the mother's wedding sari. First, a small statue of Lord Krishna is placed inside the cradle, then the baby is placed in the cradle.
If the birth of the baby affects the star of a family member, a Shanthi pooja should also be practiced. They did it for me even if I don't believe it.This is one of the very first ceremonies celebrated for the newborn on its 21st day. It can be performed at home, in the banquet hall or in the temple as you wish. We had it at home for our little girl. Friends and family can be invited to participate in this event. Find out the right time of day to perform this ceremony. Some people prefer to go to the temple before the ceremony. We went to the temple and made abhishekam to Lord Shiva. We also made puja at home to purify the house.Decorate the swing to your imagination. Apply turmeric and vermilion (pasupu kumkuma) on the swing first. Then decorate it with flowers and garlands. We use the mother's thalambralu sari as a bedsheet in the swing. The thambulam (beetle leaves, beetle nuts, two bananas, a coin, flower) is placed at each corner of the swing as well as under the swing. Baby can wear a new dress for this ceremony, preferably Pattulanga.They will also break a coconut and spill its water on the swing for the child's party hub is here in to make your cradle ceremony easy and elegant.




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