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Stage shows: | Magic show in hyderabad | Mimicry show | puppet show | game host| ventriloquism| circusjuggling| standup comedy |street magic |


Food stalls:|Chocolate fountain | sugar candy | Icegola | Popcorn | sweet corn | pani puri |pan stall| Dosa stall |Jilebi live stall | mirchi bajji live stall | chat stall | kobbari bonda live stall | goli soda live stall | sugarcane juice live stall|


Artistic stalls: | Tattoo | Nail art | Mehendhi | caricature | digital caricature | Face painting | portrait |wax hands |Balloon twister | welcomedolls|  


Game stalls: Balloon shooting | Bouncy | Trampoline | Bull ride| Hoopla |


Audio and video: | Sound system | DJ | Led screen | LED wall | Projector |


Special Effects:   | Smoke machine | Bubble machine | Dry ice fog | cold fire | Paper blaster | Fire effects | |Dance floor | Magic floor |


Traditional wedding services: | Pallaki | kotnam | sapthapadi | kasi yatra | pantulu| mutyala pandiri | Dhandiya |poola jada| kobbari aaku pandiri | Navaratna talambralu | Mangala snanam |



Birthday party services:


Birthday party decorations in hyderabad


Birthday party Photography in hyderabad


Birthday party Caterers in hyderabad


Birthday party Entertainment shows in hyderabad


Birthday party Venues in hyderabad


Wedding services:


Wedding decorations in hyderabad


Wedding Photography in hyderabad


Wedding Caterers in hyderabad


Wedding Entertainment shows in hyderabad


Wedding Venues in hyderabad


Reception cermony services:


Reception cermony Decorations in hyderabad


Reception cermony Photography in hyderabad


Reception cermony Caterers in hyderabad


Reception cermony Entertainment shows in hyderabad


Reception cermony Venues in hyderabad


Engagement cermony services:


Engagement cermony Decorations in hyderabad


Engagement cermony Photography in hyderabad


Engagement cermony Caterers in hyderabad


Engagement cermony Entertainment shows in hyderabad


Engagement cermony Venues in hyderabad


Cradle ceremony services:


Cradle ceremony Decorations in hyderabad


Cradle ceremony Photography in hyderabad


Cradle ceremony Caterers in hyderabad


Cradle ceremony Entertainment shows in hyderabad


Cradle ceremony Venues in hyderabad


                                                                    Event managers/organizers/planners


The way of organizing the occasion/party/event is generally referred to as an event organizer or event planner. Every event is different, which can include event planning, choosing of venues according to gathering and place , determining the location, getting required permissions, organizing transport facilities, co-ordinating the entertainers , choosing the decoration, fixing menu and supply of food, Co-ordinating with man power. So that the procedure of event organizers and planners are planning, estimation, execution of each occasion.


Why choosing event managers/palnners/organisers in Hyderabad


By choosing a good event organizer, we can reduce our stress levels in planning an event and we can save time and money. We can get better and creative ideas.  With the help of event manager we can plan the perfect party and smooth execution


Why choosing My party hub  as a event organisers in hyderabad


We have been in your shoes many times, so my party hub event organizers know how to plan an event perfectly. Everybody wants their events to be perfect, so that the people who come to the event remember this event very well. So my party hub is here to make your event memorable. My party hub cares about your event and we have 10years of experience in event management field in Hyderabad. We have different wings and allotted skilled persons for different events in Hyderabad.

My party hub event organizers offer a unique service and friendly relation with the customer. We always provide professional level of services in

Birthday party organisers in Hyderabad

Wedding planners in Hyderabad

Engagement party organisers in Hyderabad

Reception ceremony organisers in Hyderabad

Cradle ceremony in Hyderabad

Baby shower party organisers in Hyderabad

House warming services in Hyderabad

Corporate events in Hyderabad







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